Mearns Academy School Colours

Across our school community here at Mearns Academy we share the core values of Respect, Wellbeing and Ambition. Through our colours system we want to recognise the vast array of skills, qualities, talent, ability and commitment that our extraordinary young people display both within school and across our wider community.

The purpose of colours is to allow pupils the opportunity to take initiative, responsibility and to actively engage to influence positive change and improvement both for themselves and others.

For information on applying for a colours award, please see Mr Middleton.


Instructions for Colours Applications:

Pupils must fill out the form appropriately along with a description of the achievements made, pupils must have a supervisory adult sign off on the achievement. Any achievement not signed off will not be considered, any applications not completed appropriately or not returned by the due date will be held until the next round of awards.

Academic Colours Criteria

Active Citizen Colours

Colours Criteria SPORT

Expressive Arts Colours

Please return forms to Mr Middleton’s pigeonhole in the office by dates below:

Application Dates:



For a complete list of all who have received colours since 1996, please see the following document – Colours List