Broad General Education

General statements

In science we stimulate interest and learning in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils experience all three sciences and are encouraged to question and challenge understanding.

Skills development

Pupils cover units across the sciences in S1 and 2. These include: matter, reproduction, substances, energy, space, pH and acids and plants.

In S3 pupils continue to experience all 3 sciences taught by subject specialists. They continue to explore their understanding through units on DNA and enzymes, Mechanics and Chemical reactions.

In every science area pupils are encouraged to take part in experiments, write reports and analyse results, perform basic calculations and present their understanding in a variety of ways.



General statements

The senior phase encourages pupils to take their chosen science(s) to greater depths.  In the Science Faculty we aim to encourage pupils to develop curiosity and passion for their subject.  We believe, without reserve, that the Sciences are key in teaching knowledge which underpins many current (and future) careers whilst training in skills which are transferrable across many disciplines.  Through learning any science in the senior phase pupils will be encouraged to learning with independence and confidence.

Courses delivered

In the senior phase pupils can choose from the following suite of courses and levels:

N3-N5 Biology

Higher Biology

Advanced Higher Biology

N3-N5 Chemistry

Higher Chemistry

Advanced Higher Chemistry

N3-N5 Physics

Higher Physics

Advanced Higher Physics

Each science course delivers pace and challenge, encouraging pupils to expand on learning and skills developed in the broad general phase.