School Closure / Adverse Weather

We hope to avoid closures of the school but of course at all times we must make the safety of pupils and staff our first priority.

Planned School Closures – Communication with Parents

To confirm:

  1. We will send out text messages when appropriate
  2. Please check the website:
  3. Please listen to the Emergency Helpline: telephone 0870 054 4999 (plus PIN 021090)

We aim to update the above by 7.00 am on the day of any expected difficulty.  Please be aware that it is transport providers, not the school, that decide if specific bus routes are operable or not.

Out with school hours, your local radio station is a good place to find out information on school closures.


Northsound 1 FM 96.9Tel: 01224 337000 Northsound 2 MW 1035 kHz
BBC Radio Scotland FM 92.4 - 94.7MW 810 kHz Moray Firth Radio FM 97.4 MW 1107 kHz
North East Community Radio FM 97.1 - 106.4 Tel: 01467 632878 Waves Radio FM 101.2Tel: 01779 491012
Original 106 FM Tel: 01224 293800


Or try:


Aberdeenshire Council Website

Receive email alerts when your school(s) updates their closure status.


Emergency Closures During The School Day


In such circumstances a text message will be sent to relevant parents indicating which pupils are being sent home. Our system can identify when such messages have been received. Following this, unless you contact the school by phone to advise that our intention to send children home is not safe or acceptable, then we will presume your agreement with arrangements being made.

Please note – we simply cannot phone all parents individually on such occasions.  It is important therefore that any changes to parent/carer contact details are conveyed to the school without delay.