Broad General Education


The common CFE (curriculum for excellence) course, building on the Technology skills learnt in primary school, covers the CFE experiences and outcomes at Level 3 and stretching the more able pupils into Level 4 coursework. These Technology experiences are gained through courses run in Computing Science, Business Studies and Technical Education.


In S3, there is the opportunity for some preference within the common CFE course of the Technology subjects where they choose to take forward their learning of the Curriculum experiences and outcomes in one or two of the subjects aiming to do/achieve Level 4 coursework if possible. These are timetabled for two periods a week.

Subjects Available:

  • Computing Science
  • Business/Accountants
  • Graphic Communication
  • Design and Manufacture
  • Practical Woodwork/Metalwork

Skills Development

To help pupils develop an understanding of technologies and their part in the development of the environment they live in.

To ensure that all pupils become skilled and confident in the use of technologies.

To ensure that all pupils can make reasoned choices of the use of technologies in relation to environmental, ethical considerations and modern developments.

To help pupils understand the links between scientific advances and technological developments.

Senior Phase

The breadth of Technologies experiences continues into the senior phase (S4-6) through a range of national qualifications. This range is designed to give pupils multiple options within the Technologies, building on their experience in the junior phase, and offering courses for a variety of needs, interests, abilities and progression into further/higher education, training and employment. Through the courses offered within the Technologies we hope to give students the skills they require today for the technological society of tomorrow.

Courses Delivered

  • Computing Science (National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher)
  • National Progression Award (NPA) in Business with IT Level 5 and Level 6)
  • Foundation Apprenticeship in Business
  • Administration and IT (National 4, 5 and Higher)
  • Design and Manufacture (National 4, 5 and Higher)
  • Graphic Communication (National 4, 5 and Higher)
  • Practical Woodworking (National 4 and 5)
  • Practical Metalworking (National 4 and 5)