Aberdeenshire School Catering Mobile App for Academies

We are delighted to share with you the introduction of a new mobile app called

Fusion Mobile.

We have introduced this in our Academies to help with social distance distribution of food. Initially this will be available lunch times only and hoped that it will be available for morning break very soon.

Academy pupils can order their lunch straight from their mobile device to simply pick up from a designated collection point at lunchtime. This will help control the flow of traffic and ensure pupils are following social distancing guidelines.

Fusion Mobile sends pre-ordered meal choices to the kitchen ahead of time. This means that catering staff can prepare meals in advance for pupils to collect at lunchtime.

When pupils pre-order their lunch via Fusion Mobile, their cashless balance is adjusted accordingly meaning their lunch is already ordered and paid for ahead of lunchtime. Pupils will need to bring their phone with them to collect their lunch from their chosen collection point to confirm their order number. Make sure you go to the correct collection point!

Fusion Mobile will also allow pupils to check their balance. To place an order funds must be available on their account. Please note balances still need to be topped up using iPayimpact.

We are asking all parents to register for online payments through iPayimpact to avoid any cash handling. If you have not already registered please follow the instructions here

Register for Online School Meal Payment Guidance

Please note that the Fusion Mobile App is to work alongside the normal service and all Academies will also be providing an adapted counter service. The mobile App is not a replacement service.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits that this App will allow and look forward to welcoming you back to school lunches.

Attached you will find more information and instructions that you may find helpful.

We’re hoping that the app is really easy to use, but if you do run in to any problems you can always visit to view a range of articles that should get you up and running in no time.


Circumstances may entitle a child to free school meals. If a pupil resides within Aberdeenshire and the family are deemed eligible to receive support due to their personal circumstances, they will automatically receive a Certificate of Entitlement for free school meals from Aberdeenshire Council. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to supply the Academy with a copy of the Certificate as soon as it is received so that their child/children can be added to the free school meal register at school.

See for more information.