New S1 Transition

Virtual Tour: have a walk round school from the comfort of your own home. 

Please note that the tour was completed during lockdown and classrooms were set up to reflect 2m social distancing 


For pupils worried about joining us, you may find this beneficial –

The following information relates to individual departments to give you an insight into some of the content of S1 learning:


Expressive Arts – Meet the teacher

Health & Leisure – Home Economics & PE


Modern Languages



Social Subjects


Information from the Mearns Community library

From Skills Development Scotland (SDS):

My name is Angus Hutcheon and I am the Careers Adviser for Mearns Academy and I work for Skills Development Scotland (SDS). At the transition from P7 to S1 I would normally present to all the new S1 pupils together so that they were aware of who I was and my role in the school. As the current situation does not allow for this (and we are unsure when it will) I have put together a short presentation for you and your child to use to familiarise yourself with the  Careers Adviser’s role and what I have to offer – SDS Careers Adviser Presentation. I would be grateful if you could ensure that your child can access this where possible and also that they register on My World of Work. where they can start using the tools to begin to look at their skills and strengths and career profiles. As they progress through school they will access My World of Work on a regular basis in conjunction with PSE classes so now is a good time to get this started.

Thank you very much for your support during these difficult times.