S2 into S3 Class Presentations

Choices 1-4   Pupils must choose a subject from each of the below Faculties:


Faculty of Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Overview

Art and Design

Dance (coming soon!)

Drama (coming soon!)

Music (coming soon!)

Note: Music Tech details are in the Choices 5-7 section bleow


Faculty of Science

Science with Biology

Science with Chemistry

Science with Physics

Science and Health


Faculty of Social Subjects

Social Subjects with Geography

Social Subjects with History

Social Subjects with Modern Studies


Faculty of Technologies

Practical Woodwork and Metalwork

Design and Manufacture (D&M)

Graphic Communication

Business and Accounts

Admin & IT


Practical Cookery


Choices 5-7   Pupils can choose any subject from the above list or one of the options below:

S3 Elective PE

Music Technology