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   This is the latest news from all the work that the  whole of Mearns Academy has been doing on Child Rights.


Mearns Academy is aiming to become a Level 2 Rights Respecting School within the next year.

We have a steering group that meets every Monday lunchtime in N3.47. Any pupil is welcome to come along and help us. This is a pupil led group.

Our plan:

  1. Visit Culter Primary on 24th March
  2. Look at Level 1 suggestions from the report
  • Provide further opportunities for pupils to campaign on issues that matter to them – both locally and globally
  • Become an ambassador for rights in the local and global communities and work with other schools in the area to enhance learning about the UNCRC –  consider using learning about the convention  as a means to support transitions from P7 to S1
  • Continue to embed rights in all curriculum areas, and reference the convention in policies as they are reviewed
  • Ensure systematic planning of Global and Sustainable learning, linked to UNCRC
  • Consider using the library to promote UNCRC more fully
  • Ensure that charters are in place in all areas of the school and that they underpin approaches to promoting positive behaviour.

To Do list so far:

  • Steering group to formally meet with Mr Martindale.
  • Pupils to audit the school and departments over what is currently done
  • Request pupil led CPD time with staff
  • Organise extended tutor time once a term to cover:
  • Get pupils to discuss with other school groups how they can support our RRS agenda – Eco Club, Charities committee, Young Leaders, clubs
  • Pupils to speak to PTs about putting it on their Improvement plan
  • Prepare a teacher induction pack about child rights
  • Plan a presence at all parents nights
  • RRSA Staff shared folder to have resources that all staff can use in it.
  • Speak to CLD about Primary transition. Contact the primary schools and speak to them about P7 coming up as well as a shared task that we could do.
  • Ask each faculty to display child rights somewhere in the corridor.


A list of the Rights of the Child is here: http://www.unicef.org.uk/Documents/Publication-pdfs/UNCRC_summary.pdf