To allow all pupils to return to school safely in August changes to our timetable have had to be made.  These changes will ensure:

  • All pupils able to attend full time from 17th August
  • Reduced movement throughout the building (when moving around the building pupils should remain on the left)
  • Limited mixing of pupils and classes each day
  • Staggered breaks
  • All pupils see all teachers and attend all classes
  • Increased time in classes
  • Practical subjects get greater time with pupils to allow for preparation/cleaning of any equipment

All pupils will attend their allocated classes over a two-week block with all periods becoming double periods.












With our model above, each period becomes a double period and all classes run over two weeks.

Period 1 timetable information will be issued to specific year groups via groupcall prior to their return to school.  Full timetables will then be issued to young people when in school.

On Wednesday 12th August our new S1 pupils should meet on the Astro Pitch and will be supported in going to class by our senior pupils.