As always it is expected that our young people follow our code of conduct: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.  We all appreciate that opening a school during current circumstances brings additional challenges and we would ask that all pupils follow additional expectations.

  • When moving around school pupils are always to remain on the left-hand side of stairs/corridors.
  • Each classroom will be clearly marked with a “teacher space”. Pupils are not to enter this space at any time.
  • Pupils are to remain at least 2 metres away from members of staff and adults in the building. If a pupil is asked to move or give extra space, they should follow this instruction immediately.
  • Pupils are to wash hands regularly throughout the day and use break and lunch time to do this.
  • All pupils in secondary schools are encouraged to socially distance when possible, this is particularly relevant to pupils in senior phase.
  • Pupils are to enter the building via the nearest exit to their period 1 class each day
  • Pupils will be encouraged to maintain distance where possible, particularly indoors – this does not have to be strict distancing of 2m if this is unachievable, but encouraging young people not to crowd together or touch their peers is recommended by Scottish Government Guidance.