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27th September 2021

Improvement Planning

As we progress through session 2021-2022 it is important we gather the views of all pupils, parents and staff as to what our agreed improvement priorities should be moving forward.  These priorities will inform our improvement planning over a 2 year period – 2021-2023.

Stage 1               
Initial Consultative Stage: 27th September – 4th October
– Key Strengths
– Suggested Improvement Priorities
Pupils, parents and staff can offer views as to what are the key strengths of Mearns Academy and offer suggestions as to what our Mearns Academy Improvement Priories should be moving forward.

Please use the link below to complete the Microsoft form.

Thank you.

Mobile Phone Update

We have seen an increase in young people using mobile phones in classes.  While we want to continue to have the flexibility to use mobile phones in school, this must be done in line with school policy.  Please see below our up-to-date position on mobile phone use in school:

  • Phones should be out of sight when in class.
  • Phones can only be used with direct permission from the teacher.
  • Mobile phones should be put away, out of sight, unless permission has been given.
  • If a pupil continues to use their phone after being asked to put it away, they will be asked to put their phone on the teacher’s desk.
  • The phone will then be returned at the end of lesson.
  • If a pupil refuses to put phone away, it becomes non-compliance and there will be a referral to Principal Teacher / Senior Leadership Team.
  • If a pupil is suspected to have filmed or photographed a staff member, SLT will be informed immediately.
  • All pupils, parents/carers have signed an acceptable use policy for Mobile Phone use and ICT across the school.

The information above will be shared and discussed with the young people during tutor time.

Pupil Council

Both our Junior and Senior Pupil Councils have already been meeting this term.  We are excited as to how best we can take forward the ideas and suggestions from the young people.  Watch this space…


Homework was a key topic of discussion during our Leadership Team meeting with all PT’s and SLT last week.  Information on any specific homework tasks will be shared with pupils when in class.  Key information for pupils in the senior phase will be shared via groupcall email where/when appropriate.

Please find a link to our Learning at Home policy which shares some information on the type of work which may be issued across the school:

Learning-at-Home.pdf (

Please also find on our website a range of study resources which may be used:

Study Resources (

A number of these resources will have been superseded with revision materials/homework now being placed on Google Classroom.  All pupils should have access to Google Classroom and Google Classroom codes.  Any issues they should speak to a member of staff.


Rotary – Young Chef, Young Artist & Young Photographer Competitions

In partnership with the Laurencekirk & District Rotary Club, we are delighted that Mearns Academy are running a Young Chef, Young Artist & Young Photographer Competition.  Further information on timescales and criteria will be shared with pupils via the daily news.

S1 Guidance Meetings

Our S1 settling in meetings have started, where all S1 pupils will meet individually with their Principal Teacher of Guidance over the next two weeks.  Meetings will be scheduled by the Guidance Teacher and will give each young person the opportunity to talk through how they feel they have settled in at Mearns Academy.


School lockers are now available and you can register an interest by completing the following online form:

​Please see previous email for further information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you as always for your support.

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