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Year 3

Pupils will continue their engagement with Curriculum for Excellence through study within the 8 Curricular Areas, at the same time allowing for more personalisation, greater study in depth, and increase in challenge.  Courses studied in S3 will lead to new qualifications in S4 at Level 5, Level 4, Level 3 and other appropriate assessment points.

Pupils will through their S3 experience be guided and supported to make choices for their National Qualifications in S4.  This process will involve Guidance Staff, careers input, parental evenings and teacher reports.  Pupils will all undertake a national qualification in English and Maths and 4 other in-school subjects.  This selection will be their S4 curriculum.

In S3 the goal is to ensure significant challenge so that pupils are best prepared for the transition to senior phase.


Year 4

Pupils will work towards National Qualifications at an appropriate level.  The work done in this transitional year will build on the work done through S3.  Pupils will continue to be supported in thinking about their future paths either by continuing on with their studies in school, going to college or to the world of work.  Pupils, who are finding the curriculum a challenge, will be offered learning experiences to enable them to prepare for the world beyond school this will include college opportunities and links with Community Education.  To this end, the school will work hard with pupils and parents to ensure there are positive destinations for all pupils who leave at the end of S4.

Pupils and parents will be involved, as before, in the process of selecting a relevant curriculum for S5.  This will involve a great deal of advice and support from Guidance Staff, careers input and teacher feedback.  This process will be complete by March of S4, but depending on subject qualifications gained over the summer, pupils may have to renegotiate their curriculum.


Years 5 and 6

All Faculties and Departments offer National Qualification courses at Level 6.  In Fifth Year it is possible to study 5 Level 6 courses or a combination of Level 6 and Level 5.

All students in S5 will choose a full timetable consisting of 5 in-school subjects; in S6 students may choose a free column of private study.  This is normally to help with Advanced Higher courses or to follow wider school activities that contribute to the positive ethos of Mearns Academy.