The Senior Leadership Team of the school are:

RECTOR: Mr Dave Martindale
DEPUTE RECTORS: Mrs Angela Wotherspoon
Mrs Pauline Logue
Mr Gareth Campbell


All Senior Staff are available for consultation by parents on any matter of concern.  However, it would be most helpful if parents contact the school initially to arrange a mutually suitable time and give an indication of the nature of the concern either by telephone or by letter.  This enables any necessary enquiries to be made and, if required, a suitable time for interview to be arranged.

Some of the particular responsibilities of the Senior Staff are given below to enable parents to contact the appropriate senior member of staff:-

Mr Martindale:     

  • Determination of ethos of school
  • Determination of vision, values and aims of school
  • Appointment of permanent staff
  • Determination and implementation of Quality Assurance policy and associated procedures
  • Overall determination of all school policies
  • Professional consultant on parent council (Mearns Academy Parent Council)
  • Determination of overall curriculum structure

Mrs Wotherspoon:

  • Chair of Behaviour Policy Committee
  • Coordinator of Health & Wellbeing
  • Pupil support
  • Liaison with agencies re support for young people
  • Links with Primary Schools
  • P7 Induction Programme
  • Year Head for S1 and S4 (from Aug 2017)

Mrs Logue:

  • Chair of Effective Learning & Teaching Committee
  • Skills for Work Development
  • College Link (Angus /Aberdeen Colleges)
  • SQA Co-ordinator
  • Year Head for S2 and S5 (from Aug 2017)
  • Arrangements for pupil assessment and reporting
  • Co-ordination of pupil performance / statistics
  • Development of tracking and monitoring pupil performance

Mr Campbell:

  • Chairman of Curriculum for Excellence Working Group
  • Organisation and provision of curriculum
  • Arrangements for timetable construction
  • Year Head for S3 and S6 (from Aug 2017)
  • Development of Digital Literacy
  • Activities Days co-ordinator

Mr Vickers:

  • Coordination and Line Management of Support Services
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Trips and Excursions (Transport)
  • Administration of Storm/Emergency Procedures
  • Transport Co-ordinator
  • Publicity of the school
  • Organisation of Sponsored Walk